Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fake Location

Fake Location

Pretending to be somewhere you have never been.
You can send to your friends 'Hey I'm here! top of the Mt. Everest'

Choose your fake location easily, send it to your friends.
And of course, the actual location (Real Location) can also be transmitted.

* Feature
- Set Real Location
- Set Fake Location
- Show Location Coordinate (Latitude, Longitude)
- Show Location Address : Street number and name
- Bookmark Location
- Map : General / Satellite / Hybrid

* Send Data
- Location Address
- Google Map linked URL

* Share Location
- Send to Twitter
- Send to Facebook
- Send to E-Mail
- Send to Text Message(SMS)


  1. Yes I figured it out; I see some people travel around the world within 1 hour lol....;-)
    Unless these are astronauts.....heehaww!!

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