Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Real Map Plus

Real Map Plus is based on Augmented Reality.

Real Map Plus shows Augmented Reality and Google map in same screen.
So you can find your location and destination easily.
Real Map can share your location with your friends or social network.

- Augmented Reality based map
- Scrolling map, zoom in/out
- Finding current location
- Change Mini map / Half map
- Map : General map, Satellite, Hybrid
- Realtime update and shows your latitude, longitude and altitude
- Realtime update street address : street number and name

- Twitter Share
- E-Mail Share
- Text message Share

This APP. works best with the iPhone 3G(S), 4 which has built-in GPS chipset.
The accuracy of a location is dependent on few factor:
- Strength of GPS signal varies between being indoors or outdoors.
- Use of different model: 4, 3G(S) iPhone, 2G iPhone or iPod Touch
If you are using a 4, 3G(S) iPhone outdoors, you will able to obtain the best accuracy within 5-10 seconds.

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