Friday, August 7, 2009

Paris Charles de Gaulle(CDG) airport Guide

Paris Charles de Gaulle(CDG) airport Guide

Will you go to Paris? You have to check CDG Airport Guide.
CDG Airport Guide has the key of Paris Charles de Gaulle airport information.
CDG Airport Guide complete guide to air passenger to Paris.


1. Using Transportation.

* Using PER B (train) - route, Timings, Cost..
* CDGVAL - Free automatic shuttle rail.
* Buses - Paris city bus, Rossy bus, Air France bus, RATP bus, Night bus
* Using TGV
* Using parking lot - long term & short term parking cost & maps.
* Using Taxis - Fares & maps.

2. Terminal Information

* Find airline & terminal number.
* All airline phone numbers.
* Terminal 1 ~ Terminal 3 Map with Airline Information & destination.

3. Airport Pictures

* Airport Map.
* Local Bus Map.
* Airport Road Map.
* Many pictures of CDG Airport.
* Each terminal overview pictures.

4. Paris Metro(Subway) Map.

5. Paris Charles de Gaulle(CDG) Airport Information.

6. No Internet connection required.

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