Sunday, August 2, 2009

Heathrow Airport Guide

Heathrow Airport Guide

Will you go to London? You have to check Heathrow Airport Guide.
Heathrow Airport Guide has the key of London Heathrow airport information.
Heathrow Airport Guide complete guide to air passenger to London.


1. Using Transportation.

* Using London Tube - route, Timings, Cost..
* Driving to Headrow airport - terminal map with road maps.
* Heathrow Coaches - Using Heathrow Coaches.
* Heathrow Connect Train - route & fares
* Heathrow Express Train - time table & fares
* Using parking lot - long term & short term parking cost & maps.
* Using Taxis - Fares & maps.

2. Terminal Information

* Find airline & terminal number.
* All airline phone numbers.
* Terminal 1 ~ Terminal 5 Map with Airline Information & destination.

3. Airport Pictures

* Airport Map.
* Local Bus Map.
* Airport Road Map.
* Many pictures of Heathrow Airport.
* Each terminal overview pictures.

4. London Tube(Subway) Map.

5. Heathrow Airport Information.

6. No Internet connection required.


  1. You may have overlooked the fact that Heathrow is LHR not HLR. I would consider buying your app if you could at least get the code right in your icon. After that my main concern will be whether the terminal maps are correct resolution for iPad screen. I just deleted one that clearly was not updated for iPad and projected only iPhone s reenact size. Hope it wasn't yours. Would be interested in experience of other users.

  2. Thanks for advice!

    OH! It's my mistake. I will fix it and update it soon.
    Thanks again!