Monday, August 22, 2011

Food Photo

FoodPhoto is location-aware food photography application.

When you eat something snap, the photo using FoodPhoto.

FoodPhoto save images and location automatically.

FoodPhoto lets share your food photo & location to your friends via Twitter, Facebook and E-mail.

✓ Features

● FoodPhoto is location-aware food photography application.
● You can save food photo, menu name, restaurant name, memo and grade.
● Location save automatically.
● Daily list view
● All list in map view
● Thumbnail view
● Photo view - Zoom in / Zoom out
● Easy navigation - Prev / Next button

✓ Options

● Take Camera / Load Photo Album
● Save option - auto save to photo album

✓ Share Photo

● Facebook
● Twitter - Using Twitpic
● Dropbox
● E-mail

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