Monday, August 24, 2009

Rome Leonardo da vinci(Piumicino) Airport Guide

Rome Leonardo da vinci(Piumicino) Airport Guide

Will you go to Rome Italy?

You have to check Rome Leonardo da vinvi(Piimicino) Airport Guide.
It gives you the key of Rome travel information.


1. Using Transportation.

   * Car Rental
   * Using COTRAL Bus
   * Getting to Leonardo da Vinci Airport
   * Getting to Rome from Fiumicino Airport
   * Using Leonardo Express
   * Metropolitan Train FM1
   * Parking Information
   * Using Schiaffini Travel Shuttle
   * Taxi Service
   * Termini railway station Information
   * Using Terravision Bus to Rome Termini

2. Terminal Information

   * Find airline & terminal number
   * Many Pictures of Terminal
   * Terminal A ~ Terminal C Map with Airline Information & destination

3. Airport Pictures

   * Airline list & contacts
   * Airport Road Map
   * Many pictures of Airport
   * Each terminal overview pictures
   * Rome train map
   * Rome tour map

4. Rome Metro(Subway) Map.

5. Leonardo da vinvi Airport Information.

6. No Internet connection required.

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